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Selena Gomez in Some Thigh Highs of the Day

I’m pretty satisfied with the fact that all it takes for me to get excited by sex offender porn is when the sex offender is wearing some knee high slut socks that look like they are from some lingerie store girls who look 12 but are 18 shouldn’t shop….even if there is no sex in the equation because Selena Gomez isn’t Kim Kardashian like that, and doesn’t give me shit I actually want to see, but just glimpses that inspire, cuz she’s at the top of her game, people love her, she has fans, has albums, host songs, and more importantly has the law in her pockety cuz she doesn’t get arrested for acting inappropriate with minors….like my friend down the hall, who always shows teen girls his cock on public transit and is always in and out of jail for getting caught….dude needs to get him some Selena Gomez secrets to get away with sex offense, while encouraging sex offense all at the same time….

I am the kind of guy who is always amazed when I find out 18 year olds have vibrators…Good times….

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  • Pervofthecentury

    Oh my god. I would sooooo love to bang her. Too bad she’s still going out with that disgusting, talentless dwarf from hell.

  • Venom

    What Perv said.

  • cowbulls

    Just think how wild she is going to be when a man with a real dick slips it into her. Hell, she may still have her cherry. I sure would like to get in her tight little snatch knowing that only first few inches have been used.