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Petra Nemcova’s Tight Dress of the Day

Here’s some Petra Nemcova for old times….

You gotta love a bitch who doesn’t get taken out by a Tsunami like 1000s of other bitches who weren’t so lucky, it’s like she’s the chosen one, maybe invincible, maybe just too hot for for a dude to not like her step on his shoulders and push him down while she climbs up the fucking tree for air….tapping into her communist escape surivival skills, where it’s either me or him kinda thing, all cold and Russian about it and able to still smile at events….I mean that’s my take on the Petra Nemcova shit, but then again, maybe it’s fluke and she’s just happy to be alive afte rthe whole greiving process, but where’s the fun in that….I like my women blood thirsty sociopaths, or broken….not emotionally sound and balanced….here she is in a tight enough dress that I’d rather be a bikini….but I hear she loses her shit everytime she gets in a bikini near the ocean, but I could have just made that up….

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