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Megan Fox Tight Pants of the Day

Here are some pictures of Megan Fox in some tight pants that I am only posting because I thought I could see vagina definition but didn’t see any vagina definition, you know seeing her pussy lip stick out like a tongue instead of her tongue sticking out like a tongue, leaving me all alone, scared, confused, and forced to remember that she keeps her vagina sacred, for a dude who played David on 90210 in the early 90s, and who has since done nothing, giving all the other losers out there hope, that one day they too may get some cunty, insecure, hot, but never naked celebrity bitch with no talent, who was replaced by a model cuz that’s how good she is at her craft, provided they have a couple million dollars….

Here are the tight pant pictures….

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Look at those fucking thumbs! She could paddle a canoe with those fucking enormous paddles!

  • blah

    I’m so god dam sick and tired of all these phone clutching cunts with their phones out all the time. Put your god dam phone away for 3 fucking minutes and be a god dam human being for once. Have an actual face to face conversation with another human being, and forget about facebook and twitter for 12 seconds. It won’t kill you and it might remind you that you are more then just a fuking cell phone.

  • Imtheloserbehindyou

    That will never happen blah.



  • cowbulls

    The tattoos all over her body are a major turnoff to me. She looks like a cheap slut or $25 trick. It’s a shame because without the tattoos she would be a serious hottie.