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Ashlee Simpson Not Wearing Pants of the Day

Aslee Simpson is at the level of fame where I write she’s not wearing pants, and the video or picture next to it is of her fisting herself listening to a Jessica Simpson medley of song, because Jessica Simpson is what made her, from the shitty albums, to the lip syncing…to pretty much everything she’s ever done….including the Fall Out Boy dude who knocked her up…..and really she only stayed in the media because it was fun to mock Jessica Simpson cuz Ashlee had everything she wanted….the younger sister was married, was skinny, had a baby…all things that Jessica couldn’t get as she got fatter and fatter…and now that she’s pregnant, with some K-Fed of her own….Ashlee Simpson just doesn’t matter…

She just looks like a lesbian with a pointy nose out to buy organic food or some shit…and that’s BORING. She needs to learn how to make pantsless better….

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