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Sophie Monk For No Real Reason of the Day

The most amazing thing in this Sophie Monk character, besides from the fact that she has a vagina capable of eating a snowsuit and giving her cameltoe, is that she’s probably got more money than all of you…and that’s a testament to just how shitty hollywood, because garbage men offer better service to the world, you know leave a better impact than most celebrities, so you can only assume that a raccoon eating garbage out of your backyard, does more for the world that Sophie Monk, yet she’s better paid for her trash…

Unless of course it is hush money from the Good Charlotte sister, cuz she likely has dirty on him and can ruin him.

Who cares. I prefer her in her shitty low level embarrassing joke movies that pay her more that most people make in a year….where she shows tit…but seeing her useless at the airport works for me too

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  • roscoe

    Very busted face.