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Elle Macpherson Promotes Lingerie by Not Wearing Lingerie of the Day

Elle Macpherson is the first supermodel I remember jerking off to back in 1989….before that…It was strictly national geographic and my foster mother who made me do it in her mouth…but that’s a whole other story about a 14 year old coming to america via a werid sex cult that shaped me to be the man I am today…..and that’s not important, what is important is the shape of Elle Macpherson, 20 years later, looking just as lovely and the only disappointment is that she’s peddling undergarments, you know panties and such, but she’s too insecure and 50 to wear the shit for us, instead she’s taking the Liz Hurley “I’m a business woman now, I am not an object who looks amazing naked, I save that for the cunts I hire, while I rake in the millions”….and that’s one major flaw in capitalism and the american dream…immigrants taking our job.

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  • roscoe

    Looks like Chelsea Handler or vice versa.