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Kristen Wiig In Lingerie for GQ of the Day

GQ did a feature called the Men of the Year….Sadly I wasn’t featured because I get no respect, I no mainstream appeal, I pretty much don’t exist, I don’t even get emails, etc.

To do their best to make it as non gay as possible, because if we’re reading articles abou the best men of the year, we need some tits peppered in the shit, so that it doesn’t make readers feel homo….

For the John Hamm Men of the Year profile, they got Kristen Wiig, the writer and star of Bridesmaid into some lingerie….

Not entirely hot, but I figured I’d post it anyway, even though GQ doesn’t pay me, but should.

Next time there should be less lingerie and more – on all fours.

Via GQ

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  • Venom

    I think she is fcuking hot and sexy as hell.
    Undercover hot chick.

  • Flat Ass

    Too bad she doesn’t have a better body cause she’s kind of cute and occasionally funny.

  • Barack Yomama

    She looks like her pussy smells like feta cheese. No thanks.

  • Joe

    Shes hot as hell and regular hangout girl in person.
    PS: Dont blaim her for the lousy skits and jokes.
    SNL is now one huge nest of faggat IA writers & producers. SNL contracts the talant to take and perform the shit thats handed to them.
    SNL is HUGE waste for her, shes has so much talant and is a great singer too BTW

  • I think I would do her if she put a paperbag over her face.

  • oink

    Who is this girl? Please let her know im here for her 24/7.
    I guess she just came off the ship…. she seems to me that she is very loney and cold needs a good friend.

    Once again please give her my address at

    xxxx oinkamerica street

    xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx

  • LolleyGagger

    eh…I fucked her, before she became a name, she does have talents;)