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Salma Hayek Lays Gold Eggs of the Day

I don’t think this is actually Salma Hayek laying golden eggs, from what I’d imagine, she’s likely menopausal….and well past her child bearing years…..so maybe this is just her shitting gold…you know because compared to the shanty town, donkey shit made huts her friends she grew up with in Mexico and how they are living, she pretty much does shit gold….so why not share that talent with the fucking world…..It is thanksgiving after all…

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  • the_dude

    how is she ‘well past’ her childbearing years? she’s only like 45. i wouldn’t call that ‘well past.’ maybe in the very end of them… stop hating on women in their 40s.. they can be really hot… e.g. salma….

  • cowbulls

    Cindy Crawford, Sela Ward, Gina Gershon, Christie Brinkley, Teri Hatcher, Marcia Cross, Sandra Bullock, Eva LaRue, Elle, McPherson, Elizabeth Hurley, Courtney Cox and Halle Berry.