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Jessica Simpson Reclaims Hot Pregnancy of the Day

The other day I was saying that some girls are hot when they are pregnant cuz the female hormones, the fact they got fucked and cummed in, the new found tits, just look amazing like Hilary Duff….While other pregnant bitches just look fat, dumpy and like they eat too much while complaining, farting and doing all things wrong….like Jessica Simpson….but today that all changed and all it took was a push up bra….I’m so easy to please it is ridiculous…now check out those veiny, hormonal, full of milk and fatness and probably lots of gravy, grease, meat products and processed food….. motherfucking titties…

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  • I keep trying to grab those magnificent orbs through the computer screen. It’s amazing what a push up bra can do for a gal.

  • Cunty Cuntall

    I’d make this Hormone !!