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Jennifer Love Hewitt Pretending She’s Arab That’s Racist. of the Day

The paparazzi are saying that these pictures of Jennifer Love Hewitt, the fat chick who used to be the skinny girl with big tits from some shitty TV shows, like Party of Five, but who now wraps herself in harnesses disguised as fancy dresses…..is her trying to hide her face because she was with a new man….cuz despite logic…that she can’t get fucked cuz she’s fat….and every boyfriend dumps her….making her come across as a loose in the vagina kind of girl who fucks a lot of guys a year cuz none stick around….leading to her being ashamed of her vagina, forcing her to cover her face, so people don’t talk about it….

But I think she’s just converting to muslim..testing out the styles.see cuz muslim chicks get muslim husbands easy, there’s a line up for that shit and those husbands don’t ever leave them, they knock them up and they just marry other muslim women….while doing us all a favor by keeping her underwraps….and covered up is the way we want her fatness to be…..because becoming Muslim is the new becoming a nun cuz arab money and their palaces are far more fun than joining the convent….even if it is a little more repressed….

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