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Lindsay Lohan Doin’ The 70s Pornstar of the Day

Remember Lindsay Lohan? She was some child star who turned into an 18 year old slut, who eventually became a 25 year old washed up drug addict with legal problems, who I loved the entire journey into the gutter, but who most people have probably forgot by now, because she doesn’t matter, doesn’t get work, and doesn’t have a very amazing PR team….She also isn’t very nice to old friends who want to help her, like me….but I haven’t forgot her, how could I when she’s skinny, busty and dressed up like a 70s pornstar….I want to bury my face in her vagina until she uses the last of her meth energy to hump my fucking face…..I don’t have a very good sense of smell, so the dirtier the bitch the better….Lohan is incredible…

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  • imtheloserbehindyou

    She probably still thinks shes getting that lovelace role or what we are all hoping shes FINALLY going into porn.

  • Venom

    She is so fcuking hot I want to do bad things to her all day and night.