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Stacy Keibler’s Legs in a Little Black Dress of the Day

Stacy Keibler is wearing a tight black dress and showing off her legs George Clooney wants us to believe he wears as a scarf, because there is a strong chance he is more into scarfs for fashion purposes, you know to accent his outfit while singing show tunes with his boys in his Italian Villa….you know all gay like that….cuz only gay guys wear scarfs for fashion…I mean unless it is cold outside then it is every man for his own….you versus the elements and sexuality doesn’t come into play…and the real issue is why I’m not focusing on Keibler wrestling legs….maybe I’m the kind of guy who needs a scarf for fashion if you know what I mean…

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  • cowbulls

    Best legs in history. I’m really glad that Clooney has introduced this woman to the world. I bet every man that has had the good fortune to be with Stacy would rate her as his best ever.

  • carolinajim

    I second that. Amazing that she is still so hot. Not only that, she is actually strong as fuck. I saw a video once of her squatting and leg pressing in the gym and she was lifting more than most guys. imagine those hot legs being strong enough to squeeze the life out of you while they’re wrapped around your waist – or head – in bed. Heaven.