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Lady Gaga’s Nude Tony Bennett Sketch of the Day

So Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga recorded a duet, and I guess during that recording session, Bennett’s better judgement worked against him, he is old, probably tired, and possibly senile, making the idea of stripping down Gaga like like it’s the movie Titanic….make sense to him…or maybe it was just perversion cuz the older I get, the more eager I am to see everyone naked, ugly enough to pretend to be a tranny or a dude or not…I want to see pussy lip….

Apparently this is the masterpiece, that looks like shit, but that is still better than seeeing Gaga naked…cuz that face is enough to make tits and round ass obsolete….her face is the Iphone, her body….blackberry…if you know what I mean….

Next time Bennett need to get some spread eagled shots…that’s what I’m more into seeing….

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  • imtheloserbehindyou

    The only reason this picture will sell for millions is because of the name Tony Bennett even tho hes using his real name on his art. I think Tony’s great grandkids need to sit him down and show him the millions of fan art sites online that have billions of drawing from gaga fans that look just like this.

  • Donna Drake

    I think he did a good job. I certainly can’t do it.

  • beavis

    When I am an old man I am going to steal this bit. “Why yes dear I am an artist, a great artist. At least I was, long ago, before I lost the only woman I ever loved. What’s that? You would pose for me?” Yeah, it’s that fucking easy.