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Elizabeth Hurley Photoshopped Bikini Pics of the Day

Liz Hurley won’t get in a bikini for her bikini store launches in the UK…she hires bitches to do that for her….and she won’t get in a bikini on vacation…she wears one pieces and covers up….but for some reason she agreed to get into a bikini for some bootleg, low quality looking magazine I’ve never heard of, because I guess they agreed to photoshop her so hard that it’s no longer a picture of her anymore legally….and I’m not complaining, cuz seriously, I don’t need to see an old mom, ex model, half naked, I can just look at her pics from when she was at her prime….that’s what matters….not this shit….

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  • Once upon a time this bitch was mad hot and I wanted to see her naked and shit. Now she is old and I don’t care. I want Miley.

    The end.

  • Arzach

    I want her as the dirty teacher and Miley as the dirty student, go!