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Cindy Crawford Does the Beach of the Day

The good thing about Google is that when you see pictures of Cindy Crawford in a 3 piece bikini you’d expect her to be in, you know one of those middle aged fat chick bikinis that is built like a fucking bed sheet when the paparazzi is looking as to not humiliate herself because she isn’t the model she once was, you, the viewer can use it to find the pictures of her half naked making millions for her amazing body…I’ve seen her in person and even pushing 50, she’s spectacular…but her bikini pictures are a fucking serious fail….these could have been way more mom pussy on all fours with a sloppy belly hanging over her bottoms if only she knew what the public and the girls from her high school who hate her want…

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  • cowbulls

    I’d love to clean the sand out of Cindy’s cracks with my tongue. I think she is the sexiest woman of all time. Those dipshits at Men’s Health must have all gotten sex from Aniston to even include her in a top 1,000. Cindy is number 1.