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Stacy Keibler Does Mexico of the Day

So George Clooney brought Stacy Keibler to his Mexcio palace and she isn’t even walking around in heels and a bikini like the groupie whore who is out for herself trying to get knocked up by him in order to live the good life she clearly fucking is….It’s like if you’re gonna get an ex wrestler with great legs and a hot ass down to Mexico, you’re also going to have her suite filled with bikini of various levels of revealing, I mean unless you’re a queer and just into her company and the media attention she garners….which would possibly explain a lot about this George Clooney character….

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  • imtheloserbehindyou

    Ahhh you know its winter here in the USA when everyone with money runs away to warmer places spending their money in other places while they laugh at their poor friends who sit at home.


    Or they might go to Aspen…if that makes you feel any better.

  • cowbulls

    I don’t understand the snide comments about Stacy. Her world class 42� legs are incredible. Stacy is getting a ton of attention that a woman with her phenomenal assets deserves. She is sure as hell in my top 10 sexual fantasy bucket list.