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Cameron Diaz is Hot and Boxy in a Bikini of the Day

Cameron Diaz….recently strong woman nearing menopause who has never had a baby to completion was in a bikini…she’s a little older, boxier, less hip to waist ratio than she once was…but she’s showing off her little implants, what’s left of her gender bending with A-Rod…and I still find her hot…despite everything logical my brain is telling me to think…and I blame alochol withdrawal and an addiction to half naked women coupled with no standards…especially when I know the only chance I have getting up inside her is through kidnapping and that’s not really my hustle…because I don’t believe in hustles…I believe in naps….and apparently I also believe in round middle age ass…

TO See The REST of the Pics

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  • It’s nice to see that her olden body is not droopy. Hopefully after another year or two of being sans-Arod, she will get some curviture in her waist back.

  • GeorgeWBush

    That’s one ugly man butt

  • Freeburg

    Actually George, that is a pretty good man butt. Ewww.

  • cowbulls

    If she had a bag on her head, most guys would guess she was a man.