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Julianne Hough in a Bikini of the Day

Here’s Ryan Seacrest’s girlfriend, yes I laughed when I wrote that, cuz he’s clearly gay and the closest thing he’s had to a pussy has been Dick Clark’s wrinkled testicles that hang like a ill-fitting vagina, but his girlfriend nevertheless cuz that’s how they hve her marketed, even though it’s safe to assume his production company just owns her for money making purposes and this is the groundwork to get people to notice her…cuz remember – he is the brain behind the Kardashian show….and by brain I mean monster who needs to be taken out back and shot….and the funniest thing about this asshole Ryan Seacrest isn’t the young blonde bitch in a bikini he fucks….it is that I was on his radio show once and talking to him cuz I’m sneaky as shit. Here are the bikini pics.

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  • I think this is legitimately Ryan’s “girlfriend”. The bulge in her bottoms suggest that their may not be a vag present.