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Ashley Greene’s Strong Legs in Shorts of the Day

I watched the Twilight movie last night…not the new one….just one that was on my friend’s TV and I only did it because his teenage girls were watching it and I love interracting with teens…I feel like we get each other…and more importantly…their dad was feeding me booze.

That said, those movies are the biggest pile of smut I’ve experienced in a while….I felt like live blogging the shit, but didn’t want to admit I was watching the shit….but from seeing a vampire get out of a Volvo….to bitch using lines like “if this is about my soul, take it, i don’t want it wihtout you” all shitty acting and offensive to native americans while always hanging in the woods….I was surprised it brainwashed kids and made a billion dollars…not to mention I was surprised it made this bitch relevant….even if looking at her strong legs in shorts is better than looking at a bitch not in shorts…but maybe that’s just cuz I know she got slammed by a Jonas brother….if you know what I mean.

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  • She may be wearing men’s clothes, but she is doing it right.

  • Karl Hungus

    She used to be smokin’ hot but one of two things has happened: Either she has caught that disease that young starlets catch where they taste a little fame and feel the need to get as skinny as possible, rendering themselves a human bobblehead…or, more than likely, she has discovered cocaine.

  • Canada Guy

    Strong legs? My grandmother has more muscle tone that that stick.

  • cowbulls

    I agree that she is too skinny. I think the pre cocaine model was a lot hotter. Stacy Keibler has set the bar pretty high for sexy legs.

  • Arzach

    She has never had any legs or ass, check her old photos, always the tits and the face.
    I got distracted by that too.