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Katie Holmes Old and Sexy in a Photoshoot of the Day

Katie Holmes sexed herself up for some photoshoot….and although she has an older looking face…like the bitch is no longer that cute high school girl you once jerked off to…because she is now a mom married to a crazy person spending her days waiting for the coming ALIENS and I don’t mean said husband during sex…..but she’s still got tits cuz no breast cancer for her yet…even the odds are 1 in 8…..and here she is using them to make us like her….

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  • Tom Cruise used scientology to maker her older than Courtney Cox. Wait a year, Suri will be 19! =)

  • Venom

    She is all used up, what a shame.

  • Kerry

    She’s still beautiful.

  • cowbulls

    I prefer to think if she ever snaps out of her hynopic state, there’s some good barely used tail waiting to be banged.