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Fatty Kat Dennings Is the Picture of the Day

Kat Dennings doesn’t seem to be a fan of me…or maybe she’s just not a fan of assholes on TWITTER calling a bitch out for being fat because guess what…the bitch is fat…I do appreciate how she became a household name that landed her a gig that landed her this award that I assume is celebrating the shit show she is on….and that was by posting her huge tits naked on the internet…but I don’t appreciate her legal team coming after me to take down the pics after she got all the publicity and exposure she wanted…cuz big tits, although everywhere, still make a motherfucker look in astonishment…and I certainly don’t appreciate that the rest of her ass caught up with her big old tits…because fat chicks are gross even with tits and willingness to whore out for attention…but not too gross for me to want to fuck…making these pics of her and her girl manhandling their trophy like it was a glass cock almost erotic…cuz fat chicks love sucking dick….and ofter times crave any attention so they tag along on cock with friends…Either way, this is a fetish pic.

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    You are a moron. Kat is not even close to fat. She’s gorgeous. Don’t hate because you were born with a hair lip.

  • Saint Vitus

    Kat Dennings is so fucking hot … sometimes I’m not sure if you have bad taste or you just enjoy being an asshole.

  • fox

    It would be great if you just deleted this entire site because none of the original content on Drunken Stepfather has any real value.