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Shauna Sand and Her Male Prostitute of the Day

I don’t know what’s scarier…Shauna Sand and all her plastic surgery, looking like some kind of living corpse walking around in stripper clothes…..or the fact that she pays male escorts who are likely gay and from a modeling agency to escort her around like she’s some hot piece of ass they crave…mainly cuz her pussy smells like a giant asshole and she’s got a good budget and promises of paparazzi exposure…or the fact she’s a mom to daughters who will grow up with her as an role model…or the fac that she has a SEX TAPE ….that someone actually paid her to do….or the fact that I jerked off to her video…

I’m thinking all are equally amazing….cuz she’s a joke, she’s a novelty act, she’s an atttention seeking whore who did playboy decades ago and she’s one my nobodies to watch fuck so I suggest you GET THE SEX TAPE HERE IF YOU WANT A GOOD TIME if you’re not a broke ass loser…..which I’m sure you are….

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