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Rihanna Smoking a Blunt in Hawaii in Leggings of the Day

They are saying that these are pictures of Rihanna smoking a blunt, you know to influence all her 12 year old fans that along with loving the smell of sex and chains and whips excite her….she’s also into getting high…a substance proving by conservative christians in the 50s to make a motherfucker go crazy, murder, and lead into psychosis….a substance that has since been proven to not have any negative side effects…making these pics a no – big deal….not to mention Rhianna is black and from the islands…her NOT smoking a blunt would be far more shocking….and none of that matters, what matters is how lazy she is with her work out routine, get high, lay in sun in Hawaii, do obligues…fucking slacker…but at least she’s in leggings.

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