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It’s Like Looking at Kate Beckinsale through a Cage of the Day

I figure these pictures are perfect for the kind of reader I assume I attract to the site because it looks like you’re looking at the bitch through a cage, that you can maybe fantasize about having in the back of a van or in your basment, where you don’t feed her for a week so she’s too week to fight back when you come for your forced loving…that feels way less forced…with the whole being half dead shit….weirdos.

She’s a tight bodied mom. Nothing wrong with that…here she is in a dress…even though she’s better off naked..

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  • cowbulls

    Kate is top 10 sexual fantasy bucket list.

  • That big bald guy photobombing her pic looks like he’s about to hardcore rape her. Can’t say I blame him, this bitch is grade A.