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Serena Williams’ Rocking Tennis Booty Bounce of the Day

Nothing makes you feel more like a man than jerking off to a bitch who is built thicker than a man…at least that’s what a tranny whore told me last night…which amazed me less than the fact that all the whores at the hotel bar were trannies after 5:30 am…it’s like where did the pussies go…why were they such pussies and why was I negotiating prices even though I had no real interest in chicks with dick and never have….but I’ll use these pics of Serena Williams big fat ass bouncing with her muscles to celebrate last night…

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  • sakara

    like the punchline of the olde kid’s joke: put a potato in your swimsuit to impress the girls—but dumb serena but the potato in the wrong spot.


    Dear God,

    Why couldn’t you bless me with an ass like that??

  • Leroy j

    What a digusting ape

  • George Bush

    That a fucking ugly man

  • Karl Hungus

    She looks like the female offspring if Ray Lewis fucked Bigfoot.

  • ExpletiveBMP

    that there is not unlike a Picasso picture; with liberal contortions continually swallowing then defecating troubling simplicities, perpetually explaining the only way snapshots of a moment can with an exuberance of overwhelming vagueness and vulgarities, smothered in lapels of engorged oval shapes; a beginning of nightmare in one interpretation, and the dying of a dream in another; the lecher’s leit motiff doesn’t repeat in as much as it rhymes; his veneer, undaunted.

  • jack

    I nominate Expletivebmp’s comment as comment of the century.


    What’s up, Expletive? Some of your better work, pretty creative. Hope the business is doing well, maybe Jesus Martinez can somehow help you out with some links or advertising. It’s not as if that scumbag Canadian has anything better going on in his lowly world, perhaps he’ll want to do something nice for a change.

  • JimBo

    Sexay!!!! Mmmmmm…I would so do her….hard.

  • ExpletiveBMP

    @jack don’t know if I could repeat such a comment, it was simply the right moment, and the most gracious ass shot I’ve ever seen, this fucking dame should be in porn, with her grand soggy ass covered in oil and stink sweat.
    @SPURS FAN Says The words Mr Spurs are harder to form than they were but a year ago, and my thoughts are straying, but maybe, it’s the pressure pills adding to the usual bouts of confusion. A lot of it is circumstantial, but the monopoly of naught fuck is as yet, not mine to possess. But how can I do anything substantial when every moment I’m not sure where I began, or if I’m interested in moving forward. And by tomorrow, I’m equally as unsure as to where I am, and where I’m going, and ye, begrudgingly, I move forward, seemingly no where. It’s all about survival now, and when I can, I’ll post something inspiring, but mostly, I post strange shit that makes little sense even to me a day or two later.

  • Damn she is ugly

    I wouldn’t fuck that gorilla if I was doing life in prison.

  • Troy

    Damn she is ugly Says:
    I wouldn’t fuck that gorilla if I was doing life in prison.—No worry I’m sure she is into men

  • George Bush

    Troy Says:

    January 21st, 2012 at 7:17 am
    Damn she is ugly Says:
    I wouldn�t fuck that gorilla if I was doing life in prison.—No worry I’m sure she is into men


    SHe sure looks like a dyke, she licks the monkey clit. What a disgusting looking subhuman she is.

  • cowbulls

    To each his own but one of you guys can have my turn. I think she is gross.

  • Yomama!!!

    The REAL George Bush can’t even say the word subhuman, let alone spell it. LOL Damn inbreeders…

  • Lee

    jesus christ!! how can any MAN find this woman sexually appealing?? if i were a lesbian, i’d start lookin at men again.. gross..

  • Watch out all you haters (including me), if she were to swing that ass and hit you with it, it would be like getting hit with a ton of bricks. We would all be pwned.

  • Daniel Carver

    This ape won’t live long. Steroids shorten the lives of gorillas just like they shorten the lives of humans.

  • collin

    i like serena williams but to be honest she is not attractive nor sexy she need to leave steriod alone it totally tranform her to a man

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    wow…a lot of racist cavemen on here…