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Avril Lavigne and the Perverted Black Paparazzi of the Day

Avril Lavinge is fucking annoying. I see her proactive commercials and they make me want to kill myself…but then again so does waking up in the morning….but the paparazzi are fucking clowns…especially the black dude and I love it… last week we had him moaning over Ashley Tisdale and this week he’s asking Avril if she got Brody Jenner anything sexy for Valentines day…a little “agent provocateur”…and I’m not even sure homie even has a camera…I think he’s the equivalent of a dude who flashes his cock to school girls on the bus….and I’d love to hang out with him….or at least give him his own talk show….all panting and telling girls they are sexy like a fucking rapist all day….

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