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Adriana Lima in a Bathing Suit for a Car Commercial of the DAy

Not to discount Adriana Lima’s hot mom body that is better than most mom bodies…even the mom bodies I see leaving the gym that have been working out insanely the last 3 years to keep their rich husbands interested in them bodies…but almost any bitch who isn’t overweight in heels like that is gonna look like she’s got amazing legs and a great ass…even if they don’t…it’s the magic of heels motherfucker…but I know this Lima bitch is pro…and here she is getting paid for the shit…and as hot as you may find it…the whole baby thing throws me off…I mean Lima at 19 was a force…if she was a storm, she’d be Katrina…now she’s just a breezy day….a reflection of what she once was….and that’s the problem with models…they are only human and they get old.

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