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Taylor Momsen in Underwear for FHM of the Day

I am not a Momsen hater cuz Momsen turned 18. I will still look at her in her panties…unlike most of her pedophile fan base who turned their back and zipped their dicks back into their pants the second she became legal and fell out sex offender range….cuz I guess these people get off on the illegal factor…while I get off on the fact that she could have stayed on TV making lots of money…but instead opted to be a bitch making music in her panties…in what would almost be insane…if the whole fact that Taylor Momsen even had the power to choose a pop career or a movie career while so many hotter more talented bitches can’t even get one of those things…wasn’t more insane….and who really cares…cuz she’s in her panties and we like that around these parts….

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  • Travis R

    Still would rather see Betty White. this chick stopped being cute after she was Cindy Lou Who.

  • Expletive:BMP

    It’s rather remarkable isn’t it beano, in which, the world at large would find substance in the funniest things, and that’s not saying the world has substance, but simply that I find it all fascinating.  Much like when I tried to understand the relevance of this new comment prerequisite you’re using.  Go back to the classic view Beano.

  • Expletive:BMP

      In B4 Taylor Momsen is hot, even though she’s 18, and there’s nothing like messing about with a young dame.  Sure it’s fun when you consider you’re privy to young cunny, but it all falls apart when you have to live with girls this young, not saying a forty year old may much better, even though technically, they may very well be, but the thought you’d wake up to some one who probably has no idea what she wants to do with her life, even though most of us don’t have a clue what our purpose is—point is this girl is too young, and will more than likely make a terrible lay.  In ten years I’d give her a go, but not now, she’s still retarded.  After having to aide in governing juveniles, you become weary of younger dames and tend to want those that are a lot older. 

  • Here4jt

    I still think she is awesome even though she is legal now