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Madonna and Nicki Minaj Trying to be Sexy in a Stupid New Video of the Day

Madonna’s showing off her body and still pretending she’s Marilyn Monoroe cuz she’s pretty much old enough to be Marilyn Monroe…you know she’s got to that stage of her senior citizenship where it doesn’t matter if she’s 60 or 140….she’s not hot…or erotic…and even in little clothes we know her body is drooping, practically dripping off her….vagina lips flapping in the wind….but here’s her pre-Superbowl….Football inspired…video with Nicki Minaj’s big tits to give her appeal to the youth and M.I.A to keep it hip….making them her cheerleaders to make her seem above them….because the timing is right, she’s in the media…she’s an empire..this is money making..and I’m posting cuz I appreciate all whores trying to be sexy …especially when they are historically known for being sluts…even scandalous sex icons in the 80s….cuz it shows they have trouble letting go…they’re a little pathetic…but grannies in panties are hysterical…..enjoy…

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  • Madonna is old news, Nicki Menage is not relevant enough to people give a fuck and… who the fuck is M.I.A?!?

  • There’s nothing more pathetic than see 3 useless “artists” trying to stay relevant in a world that dosn’t give a crap to them anymore.

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