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Kristina and Karissa Shannon Amazing Twin Asses for Nuts UK of the Day

I wonder what went wrong…or right…depending who you ask…in the lives of these twins…you know to make them become tag team strippers at a young age…totally milking the fact that every man wants to fuck twins especially hot trassy blonde ones…all touching each other and posing naked together in magazines like playboy…it’s almost too much for a motherfucker to handle…but I can only assume it started at a young age in daddy’s back shed….and who cares about what’s wrong with them….I’m more into what is right about them, like their big, round, amazing twin asses…and Karissa’s Interracial Sex Tape That’s Perfect for Black History Month ….

These shoot is for Nuts and it is Pretty Nuts…even though these bitches are on the serious tailend of their careers…I approve.

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  • roscoe

    nice booties

  • Anonymous

    What I like about them is that they would obviously double up, for a price. Not that I would indulge, they run with dudes who aren’t exactly shall we say white.

  • Pugiron

    Nuts: droopy tits for Brits.

  • Anonymous

    What a huge waste of hot bodies

  • Cowboy

    Errrr they are not Brits. Dumbass.
    And they are not the sexiest sisters in the world.
    Rough as. And they have the personalities of a dead pair of squids.
    Foul sisters, who think they are better than any one else.
    Saying that, they are better looking than my misses you has just dropped our second ridiculously named sprog.