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Maria Menounos Bikini for the Giants of the DAy

So Maria Menounos lost a bet on purpose for he Super Bowl hoping for ratings and notoriety beyond being the hot Greek who loves anal who is always in her bikini showing off her rocking body and probably her VIRGIN PUSSY THANKS TO THE ANAL in a bikini….

The loss meant she had to get into her bikini on National TV….which would be a bigger deal if more than 4 people watched Extra….proving yet again that just cuz it is on a network, doesn’t mean it’s worth shit…and it’s hardly a loss because Menounos loves shoing off her fucking body…

What happened to real bets where losing actually meant humiliating yourself, or more importantly getting gang banged by the entire football team….or anything that made bitch feel like an actual loser…and not a quick ratings grab and why the fuck am I complaining…she looks fucking awesome….

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