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Madonna’s Super Bowl Super Bowl Lip Slip of the Day

When I watching the Super Bowl half time show…Like Gisele, I prayed, only not for my husband to win, cuz I knew he couldn’t do it on his own, but for Madonna to have a lip slip while lip syncing….see cuz I watched the shit and she wasn’t out of breath for a fucking second of her miserable performance…..I also prayed she’d have a heart attack, not a fatal one, just one hard enough for her to realize that a senior she should sit the fuck down, class the fuck up, this isn’t geriatric aqua-robics bitch, this is a pop music career and you’re 140 fucking years old…..turns out there is a god…cuz here’s her big old mom pussy….aged from perfection…if you know what I Mean… and if you don’t it is that this performance is fucking hysterical…even if it’s not the best Lip Slip or even an actual Lip Slip…but it’s the best I’ve found so far…and I take what I can get….

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  • Anonymous

    Someone call the DOT and request a red light for that intersection.