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Jennifer Love Hewitt Shitty Words of Wisdom of the Day

I realize celebrities are fucking morons….especially deadbeat celebrities who can’t get work, let alone a man…destined to be alone living off residuals from a time she was smaller framed and seemingly more busty because she’s absolutely intolerable…but when I watched this boring as fuck clip of Jennifer Love Hewitt shopping…and the paparazzi asked her for advice as to not get in trouble, which was code for “how do you stay as boring as fuck like you have”….she responded with the mind blowing insight only a high school educated person with no soul or brain would say….

Have Good Parents.

Thanks for those words of wisdom you fucking cunt….may your uterus dry up before you give into the turkey baster so you don’t reproduce….

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  • Anonymous

    JLH is a great looking woman but she should keep her mouth shut unless she is giving head.