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Victoria Beckham Pantsless for i-D Magazine of the Day

Here are some pantsless picture of Victoria Beckham reminding all you lazy bitches that just because you have a kid or 4, you don’t have to let yourself fucking go….I don’t think obesity is one of America’s great epidemics…I think these lying cunts who you guys marry, only to have them let themselves go and take on eating everything they didn’t eat before landing a man, in order to land a man, and once a man was landed they could throw that self-discipline out the window….

It only gets worse once they get knocked up and have the kids cuz now they could blame it on baby weight…a collective conspiracy women everywhere are a part of…like a secret society…who are trying to pull a fast one on men everywhere and that’s why they hate bitches like this who disprove all their hard work in making us believe baby weight is an actual thing….and letting it slide since you did make us our babies and we’d be assholes to say you’re a fat pig we have a hard time fucking now that you and your friends are huge….

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