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Jennifer Aniston in a Bra for GQ of the Day

Jennifer Aniston brought her hungry for babies 45 year old uterus to GQ to promote what I assume is a new movie…and I am not complaining because I think Jennifer Aniston’s body is fucking amazing for any age…I saw that movie with Adam Sandler and Brooklyn Decker where they were both in compeitive bikinis and I was more into Aniston….which is saying a lot cuz I Fucking hate Aniston’s face…and everything she fucking stands for….cuz I think she thinks she’s hotter than she is and that always leads to serious cunt behavior…that for some reason never matters when half naked…but always matters when forced to look at her clothed…making this a borderline acceptable way to take this trashy cunt even though she’s greek and probably sticks to anal in…..Thanks GQ for the good times…next time get her pantsless and spread eagled….keep up the good work….

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  • Anonymous

    JA knows her role and will seemingly do anything with any man so she gets a pass from me.  She gets extra points for including her starfish on her buffet.   My only complaint is Jennifer is supposed to be really bad in bed.  You would think she would be great with her
    equipment but a thousand guys running like hell to get away from her says otherwise.

  • Stdparty

    Paul Rudd! love that guy.

  • Sal

    She really has no class. She does not know how to promote a movie without taking her clothes off!
    She is the same age as Cate Blanchet, but you would never see her sinking this low to promote a film.

    And yes Aniston’s face is horrible. That chin, the nose, the thin lips…nothing feminine, plain and manly.

  • King snot

    Fun pic 😀 she look georgeous as allways she have a smoking hot body and i for one Are never getting bord off looking ad it or her she seems to he a very sweet girl i just love her and to all your haters just stuff it and go back to your sorry sad life in hell and leav her alene . .really looking forward to see there movie it look really funny 😀

  • wafflehorror

    he looks like angelina jolie’s brother 


    Who are you? Jolie? Jolie fan?…big ‘skanky, wrinkled lips that will wrinkle more as you age starting to look like a ‘crap hole’ if you know what I mean. Also the MAINLY ‘veiny’ arms, skeleton body, no ass flat like a board, big forehead and head is called ‘pencil head’, big feet for a woman, bony shoulders not in sinc with hips, they are larger. Take off your big wig, fake eyelashes, no make up and let me see the real you and with those mentioned atributes, NOT A PRETTY PICTURE. No, Aniston have no competion, why BP chose her is a ‘mistery’ or maybe just LUSH.