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Megan Fox Pantsless for Some MetroCity Campaign of the Day

Megan Fox may not be acting all that much anymore…and her decision to sympathise with her kidnapper like she was Patty Hearst, only to take it to another level of criminal, by marrying the fucker….who we can understand she had a crush on growing up, and who we can understand has a big dick that was a novelty to fuck, but that we can’t understand why a bitch at her prime would fuck up her image to such an extreme that no one wanted to touch her…all to make a jealous failure from 90210 feel secure…while she shoulda been out fucking A-Listers and really securing her fucking future…so that she wouldn’t have to do model jobs for Korean brands you never heard of….you know bottom feeding to maintain a lifestyle…cuz sometimes major life decisions can fuck you up the ass….

Either way. She’s still hot.

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