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Christina Ricci Throwback Topless Pic of the Day

Here is a picture of CHRISTINA RICCI that I dont’ quite understand why it is recirculating ont he internet….I posted her BREAST REDUCTION SCARS back in 2008…but I figure a 5 year old picture of a bitch I once found hot, but who masacred herself to shape her tits into less of a sloppy tit, is always worth re-posting for a new generation of internet users who may have missed this the first itme……

And if you think it is a fake HERE’S THE PROOF I POSTED IN 2008 ….

What it comes down to is that I can’t believe I’ve been writing this site since 2004 and I am still not Rich or Famous…I need to restructure my life…like Christina Ricci restructured her tits…

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  • Futz

    Start by restructuring your spelling & grammar!