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Megan Fox Hot as Fuck Bikini in Hawaii Pics of the Day

Good Megan Fox….making a comback that all parties involved can appreciate….and by all parties involvde I mean the network of pervert fans who love looking at her hotness half naked…especially when it is tainted with tacky prison tats, or more importantly, rocking a deadbead has been who only was thanks to 90210 in the 90s, who brainwashed her, kidnapped her, made her his wife, cuz that’s what happens when you bang a girl in her youth…you guilt her to never leave you, making her fall off the map, get kicked out of movie gigs, luckily not knocked up…cuz that will just be the nail in the coffin for this bitch as she re-invents herself….

And here are the pics…I am sure more will surface soon…

To See the Rest of the Pics

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  • Still hot as hell, to bad Spielberg is trying to kill her career

  • Anon

    how is it that the photographers always seem to fail to get decent ass shots? I mean these whores are in spandex and bikinis yet no butt pics. In this case her tight ass is about her redeeming quality

  • mike arnold

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  • Bull donkey

    fuck you and your spamming ways. Fuck your lawn furniture

  • Anonymous

    This dumb bitch would be a household name if she had stayed away from the ink and just fucked and sucked the right men.