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Lily Donaldson in her Bra for Terry Richardson of the Day

Here name is Lily Donaldson….She’s a model I have posted on before…..and I’m only putting these up cuz she’s in a bra…I know pretty fucking pathetic….normally I aim for bitches who aren’t actual celebs to at least show some fucking nipple, even models, you know to inspire me to waste my time posting on them…but he good news is that no one knows I exist so any posting standards I pretend to have don’t matter….and time wasted putting this up doesn’t matter either….cuz girls in bras isn’t exciting, especially when the girls showing bra are willing to get naked for fashion and probably have tons of topless pics already out there…but here are the pics anyway…

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  • Bull donkey

    wow, ANOTHER terry richards photo shoot post….i seem to recall someone mentioning how much of a sham he is, and how much his shit is over hyped and over rated….i wonder who that was?