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Candice Swanepoel In the Bride Collection for The Devil of the Day

There’s nothing hot about brides….they can be in lingerie, even the most expensive, finest quality, most erotic….or naked…they are still the physical representation of all things evil…oppressive woman that costs money, complains, that I am accountable to, and who I have to accommodate and keepe happy, otherwise her whining and complaining will make me want to kill her….oppressive woman who steals my fun, my freedom, my ability to fuck random sluts in my own bed, and who pressures me into baby making….

I mean unless they are someone else’s bride….or a hot slut just pretending to be a bride in lingreie for the fucking Devil…also known as a 9 billion dollar a year evil empire that manipulates us with half naked chicks….

I don’t know when this is from, all of Victoria’s Secret shoots look the fucking photoshopped boring same…but Swanepoel is hot….and that’s why I am posting it

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  • My cousin is getting married this year.  I bet she wears this boring ass shit on her honeymoon.  Me, I hate Victoria’s Secret.  It’s not sexy, it’s hum drum.  I like buying my lingirie and shoes from stripper stores like foreplay.com.

  • that is a sexy little bride!!!

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