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Kendall Jenner’s New Swimwear Photoshoot of the Day

Isn’t this girl 15? More reason to get your creep on? Shouldn’t her mother wait a few years before turning her into a sex object like her sister..or is she scared that after puberty, she’ll fill out like Kim, so get her while she’s tight, win over the crowd, just in case the Jenner genes don’t keep her fit….or is it a timing issue, get in now when the family is still on TV, before the family is forgotten, no time to wait…EXPLOIT EXPLOIT EXPLOIT….

You know, if you were to go to the local high school and try to organize a similar shoot in your basement…they’d probably call the police…but when it is for a corporation no one gets arrested…the world of teen erotica is unjust….

The whole thing is disturbing…unless you’re a real fucking pervert…which conveniently…I am…

So here is a young, hot rendition of Kim Kardashian for the Kardashian/Jenner third round of kids to exploit for personal gain….

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  • Bull donkey

    Fuck you for helping to keep this “family” in the media. fuckers like you are the reason these pigs are famous for nothing at all…except taking black cox like champs.

  • Expletive:BMP

    If this dame stays scrawny, it is doubtful any black dude would ever want her.  Hopefully in time, her ass will fill out nicely; so give her a few more years, then perhaps, she’ll be sweet enough to touch, but now; ewww. 

  • Anonymous

    I resent you for saying Kim k too cock like a champ. That sex tape is dull

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand all the hating on her and her family.  They have probably created as many happy endings as any family in history.

  • Casstellr

    She is sixteen.Born November 3, 1995