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Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez Awkward Oscar Ass Moment of the Day

A much as I hate the Oscars and think they are a waste of fucking time…uneventful…boring and most importantly totally irrelevant…because movies being made at 100 million dollars….generating billions of dollars…paying shitty actors who aren’t even that hot millions….and fucking with the internet by lobbying for laws that lead to pirates being arrested like a gang of greedy self involved cunts….

I did see 5 minutes of the shit when I was changing porn DVDs and I think it was at the highligth of the night….but wouldn’t know since it was all I saw of the masturbatory shoved down our throat awarding themselves like they fucking need awards…when there are starving kids in Africa Bullshit….and real life issues at hand….waste of fucking time motherfuckers….

Either way…this Cameron Diaz Jennifer Lopez ass show made no fucking sense…but I still experienced and now so can you….

To See The Red Carpet Pics If You Care But Shouldn’t

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