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Jennifer Lopez Dykes Out For V Magazine of the Day

This is disturbing…but maybe that’s just cuz I like my moms of twins in their 40s to be keeping their boxing classes to their fucking selves and for their private trainer they have hired to pretty much double as their male prostitutes while the husband is at work….See I don’t mind fit girls, if anything I love it, not quite as much as weak, eating disorder girls who are unable to run from mee but anything that isn’t fat, sloppy or chubby, or untoned is good, even if it can kick my ass…except when it is J.Lo rocking Menopause and what looks like a tranny dick….doesn’t work for me…but maybe that’s just cuz I hate J.Lo..or maybe it is cuz I hate Tranny dick…that shit is always filled with AIDS, deep rooted issues, and makes me feel like a fag when sucking on its tits…huh? exactly.

Either way, here’s J.Lo in her diaper/menstrual belt for the weirdos into that kind of thing, while I go watch amateur porn to cleanse my soul from the damage this would have done if I wasn’t desensitized to all things evil the internet has to offer.

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  • Bull donkey

    this post is fucking pathetic. why even post about jlo? who gives a fuck about jlo? who in their right mind would want to fuck that small saggin titted, black nippled, fat assed unsufferable cunt?

  • Anonymous

    I’d be more than happy to tap that ass and report back my experience. 

  •  you are so much more beautiful in person. thank you from an old man who truly enjoys you.

  • Jacob Ryan

    I think you mean “insufferable.” As in, you’re trying to use big words and failing so hard at it is insufferable.