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Jennifer Love Hewitt Promo Pic for the CLient List of the Day

This promo pic dropped 2 weeks ago…but as someone who doesn’t run the Jennifer Love Hewitt fan club, I don’t really keep track of her…but I do know this pic screams one thing and one thing only….if only Jennifer Love could be photoshopped all the fucking time….she’d be worth looking at….but she’s not so I forget she exists…you know since her metabolism slowed down and her ass caught up to her disproportionate tits….she kinda lost relevancy….

So the new show is called the Client List and I assume she plays a whore….and as a whore….they had to get good cleavage shots out of her….and I predict the show will only work if it is shot from the waist up and from a good angle so that they don’t get the rest of her thickness in there to ruin it….

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  • roscoe

    Looks like a great new show.

  • Sumas

    She is still smoking.

  • Anonymous

    Those are some spectacular REAL breasts in there but she
    better hurry and use them to land a man. 
    I understand she is open to darn near anything sexually and that’s a
    plus.  But she is over the hill and
    rapidly heading to the valley of irrelevance.  I’d still walk over hot coals to get a hold of her. 

  • Ferdiepacheco

    so does she know how to smoke a pole?