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Katherine Heigl Kinda Naked for Some Movie of the Day

This is a clip from one of Katherine Heigl’s riveting performances in a romantic comedy you’d probably rather rip your eyes out than watch….seriously…I remember seeing a trailer for this and not only was I offended a storyline like this was sold and made into a moive….but I was offended that they cast Katherine Heigl….because I come from the school of thought that she’s the devil and should be ignored for the benefit of the world….putting her in movies does the opposite of that….it celebrates her and makes her an idol to dumb little girls….breeding a whole new generation of idiots….

Well the good news is that she got naked in the movie, but I don’t really know if that’s good news…but it is strategic naked, so if you’re on the fence about a naked Heigl cuz you think she’s fat…vile and the devil….you don’t have to watch this….

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