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Kate Beckinsale for Australian Mens Syle of the Day

Nerds, virgins, the socially awkward who can’t get pussy to notice them, love KATE BECKINSALE ….and I see her appeal…I just don’t know why her tight mom body became the poster body for fapping weirdos who like vampires….you see I know this cuz the one virgin loser, socially awkward weirdo nerd I was actually friends with before he fucked me over an made a multimillion dollar website with my idea…was so into this bitch he had a cardboard cut-out of her….that I’m sure he’d have dinner with when no one was around….you see cuz lonliness makes you do some shit…..and being a virgin loser nerd makes that shit real fucking weird….see cuz when I get lonely I just text past lovers pics of my testicles…but maybe that’s cuz I like real relationships with real people and not things made of cardboard that represent a real woman they’ll never met…

Who cares…her she is in a mag….

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  • ffjj

    That was deep dude! Nice one!

  • Anonymous

    I’d say the fans of Kate regardless of whether they are
    nerds or not have a great understanding of a hot woman.  I think Kate is one of the sexiest women on
    the planet.  She sure as hell is a lot
    more woman that the skinny teenage boy looking models. 

  • Mjpsab

    One of the most beautiful and sexiest women to walk on this earth.  Oh I would die happy.