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More Olivia Munn “Alleged” Nudes of the Day

Olivia Munn has nudes circulating. Who fucking cares. I am sure this is a response to her shitty career that didn’t pan out for her after leaving the nerd show where nerds were loyal to her…only to move onto a new, younger and hotter with a great pussy SARA JEAN UNDERWOOD ….forcing Munn to pull this shit….and whether they are real or not…doen’t matter…I can’t jerk off to them…or to her….cuz she’s garbage.

I don’t know what this one is all about….

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  • OliviaOverrated

    Olivia Munn – most over rated wannabe “geek / tech” woman ever…goes to show the only way she can get attention is by “leaking” $hit like this. Well done – you’re such a joke.

  • Strang The Terrible

    Agree that she’s a wannabe but you’d think she’d post some better $hit if she did it herself. These pics suck!

  • Darth_patrick151

    “sad, pathetic little bastards living in their parents’ basement downloading scripts and what they think is inside information about movies and actors they claim to despise yet can’t stop discussing”