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Jessica Simpson Nude and Pregnant for Elle of the Day

It’s funny cuz you know this pic of Jessica Simpson is heavily photoshopped to make her look not so heavy…..It’s like when you see a bitch in a bikini and she has abs that she never had before…you know to upset little girls, give them a complex and thus curve the obesity trend in the right direction, when keeping bitches nice and insecure about themselves….but the pregnant version….

I don’t know, pregnancy along with periods are the shitties part of being a girl, not sure why they’d want to strip it down and put it on display, like some kind of circus freak, you know elephant in captivity about to birth, but on the flipside, her milk filled tit looks great as she holds it up ready and equipped to feed a nation….it always goes back to the power of nudity making gross things so compelling to look at and masturbate to…..or even on….so as much as I’d rather not see a thinned out pregnant beast naked….at least she’s naked….but more importantly…all least she has a valid reason for her sheer size….

I love this pic of the dude kissing his lottery ticket….he’s like I’ll jump on the grenade cuz the grenade makes millions….and who can blame him for the k-fed….when you’re dick is in gold and you wanna keep it in gold you cum inside the bitch…easy.

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  • I can’t help but think that she is not pregnant at all and she is just saying that to explain a weight gain.

  • Expletive:BMP

      with weight or without, I’m sure Jessica must be the most talented cute girl that has some of the most fanciful farts out there.  She claims to fart up to fifteen times a day where as the most I could do is anywhere around five, at most, and never around people, but good ole’ Jessica does so in full view, within ear range, with radioscopic smell’o’vision on and imposing; you go girl.  

  • Anonymous

    What a shame.  I prefer to remember her how John Meyer described her as sexual dynamite.  That sounds very realistic as she had the body to be a great sexual partner.