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Jennifer Love Hewitt All Sexed Up Continues of the Day

Jennfer Love Hewitt is on this kick to not be seen as the fat chick who can’t land a man or keep a fiance around cuz she’s clearly annoying as fuck…cuz with her level of fame, you’d think there are hundreds of weird, awkward fan boys, and perverts, who would do more than just marry her, marriage is easy, that shit involves consent….real love is when a motherfucker will kidnap her and lock her in the basement, starving her, making her too weak to scream during “playtime”….

I like that she’s by tapping into the only thing that really mattered in her youth….before her metabolism slowed down…her big tits on her small frame became overall fatness….

I like that she didn’t just kill herself, but found a second life…..

But most importantly…I like that she’s slutting up and showing some tit….

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  • Anonymous

    I don’t know how much of those pictures are photo shopped but I do know those are some spectacular tits in there.   I’d still put her in my top 10 sexual fantasy bucket list.   I’m not sure what sexual experience could be better than to bang her starfish while mauling those luscious big tits.

  • Jackopej

    JLH is all ass and titties