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Avril Lavigne Modeling Shit She’s Too Old To Be Wearing of the Day

Avril Lavigne is a fucking clown…but for some reason, dudes every where love her….I don’t get if it is a legacy crush from when you were 15 and she was all over the music industry like she was Katy Perry….you know unfounded lust that was a direct consequence of marketing….like some Josie and the Pussycat bullshit…yes I’ve seen that movie…I watch everything Tara Reid does…except the one thing I want to watch her do…cuz she hasn’t done it yet…and that’s sex tape or die…both interchangable…..

Or maybe people just think she’s hot…but I see a joke of a person, posing as this emo/punk/suburban mall girl….the poster child for pink streaks everywhere….and bitch must be 30 now….but still dresses the same…in some “get a new act you one trick pony, it’s time to be a fucking chick already”…cuz you know if she did that….maybe I’d be wanting to fuck her too…

But as long as she’s 30 pretending to be 15 and angst filled…I got nothing but hate….

We need more of her in her panties and less of this nonesense spokesperson for nonsense shit….

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  • I think she is just trying to stay relevant with teenage boys, because although they only last a few pulls, Avril can get an 80+ train running on her ass and then she doesn’t have to realize that she is old.

    I would like to think that she was doing this for teenage girls, teaching them to lick and finger eachother, but I doubt I’m that lucky.

  • Anonymous

    If people did not prefer reaping to sowing, there would not be a hungry person in the land.

  • youshldvbeenswallowed

    you are fucking stupid…people can be whoever they wanna be dumbass age dont matter..

  • norm

    She’s horrible. She reminds me of that red-headed brat that joined the Brady Bunch in the later years. And yes, he was a boy.

  • Bmapophis2036

    Guess you don’t get it, do you. You’re not the intended audience. This is marketing. Do you really think this is her life? Ha! She goes home after work, takes her shoes off, has a drink, watches some lame reality TV show and then goes to bed.  This is her persona- it’s her job, and it seems to work. She’d be crazy not to let this play out as long as it can.